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From Ancient Mithraic Sun Worship to Future Speculations on Solar Geoengineering
Presentation, performative lecture and workshop

Ala Roushan and Dr. Björn Voss

In collaboration with Deichtorhallen Hamburg

In collaboration with Deichtorhallen HamburgSolar Exchange

On the occasion of summer solstice, we focus on the Sun to orient our relation towards this ultimate source of energy. Taking place within the historic architecture of the planetarium, the session brings together ancient traditions, present knowledge and future speculations.

To begin, Dr. Björn Voss, the Director of Planetarium Hamburg, shares his expertise in astronomy, guiding us through the celestial coordinates in our sky. This is followed by a performative lecture from Ala Roushan, juxtaposing ancient Persian Mithraic spiritual traditions of Sun worship with today’s technological scheme for solar geoengineering. Echoing ancient practices associating the Sun with the spark of fire, the session ends with a practical workshop lead by Johanna Hombergs where we learn the fundamental survival skill of making fire.

Ala Roushan is a curator and Associate Professor at OCAD University whose research explores artificial environments. Most recently, she produced BREATHLESS at The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery – a multifaceted project including an experimental pavilion, group exhibition, publication, and performances on the paradoxes of air and breathing. Last year during her sabbatical, Ala held a research position at the University of Tokyo, conducting field research to produce the film Eye of Silence in collaboration with artist Charles Stankievech. Currently, she is leading a SSHRC National Research Council project titled Shaping Atmospheres, examining the critical implications of today’s solar politics and speculations on solar geoengineering.

In English / 150 minutes / 7.50 €

This offering is not included in the regular program of the SCHOOL OF SURVIVAL.

The exhibition SURVIVAL IN THE 21ST CENTURY at Deichtorhallen Hamburg aims to open perspectives on how something new can emerge from the moment of crisis – other practices, ways of thinking and concepts for our shared coexistence. Planetarium Hamburg is a partner of this exhibition and collaborates with the SCHOOL OF SURVIVAL, the exhibition's future laboratory.

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